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Exterior work to a room or house addition requires some street smarts.

Not Vinnie Barbarino street smart... He really was not smart! We are talking about understanding your street, your neighborhood, your town's distinct character. What makes those houses unique in Bethesda MD, Capitol Hill DC or Old Town Alexandria VA from other houses in nearby neighborhoods such as Potomac MD, Georgetown DC or Arlington VA.? Additions, whether a bump out bathroom addition, or a kitchen addition or a substantial two story addition should include or at least be considerate of the uniqueness of your street, & neighborhood. As Vinnie would say. "you gottsa blend in"

Bob & Sharon Maarsen Testimonial

"We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our kitchen design & remodeling project. The designers skills were excellent. The kitchen design we ended up with fits our needs exactly. Quality of workmanship and overall pride that your team showed throughout the project was excellent. I have already recommended Signature Kitchens, Additions & Baths to several friends and colleagues. Of course, when we are ready to tackle the bathroom remodel, we will call you."

How your house lot could effect your house addition.

When adding a house addition, consider your properties orientation to its resources, its natural resources the sun vs. the shade its unnatural resources, your neighbors house, your neighbor. Some people might read a double meaning in the last sentence... There was a double meaning in the last sentence! You might love your house and your neighborhood but not be too thrilled about your neighbor. It could happen! How about the neighborhood field where your kids play ... or kids play. There is a double meaning there too. Despite my silliness it should be clear that the addition to house can block and hide or expose and accentuate the resources around your house. One of the great advantages in a house addition vs. selling and buying elsewhere is that you already know what you like or do not like in your immediate surroundings.

When remodeling additions owners all too often forget about the original house.

Signature Kitchens, Additions & Baths does not want to design and build an addition which insults the original house. The new and the old should strive to be somewhere between identical and fraternal twins. Either hard to distinguish or different but complimentary. Your addition does not have to be identical, sometimes due to the age of the original or budget considerations it is either impossible or impractical to make a seamless match. Fraternal twins do not look exactly alike but they share many similar features.

A properly engineered home addition especially a second story home addition is more than critical.

A descriptor used loosely by Realtors to describe a house listing "a house with good bones". Where are the house bones? What are the house bones? Realtors are not talking about the dog! They are referring to the house structure. We are referring to that & the home additions structure. The foundation and framing components of the house addition and our concern for their integration with the foundation and framing components of the original house. If you make errors on this topic by not designing safely with proper engineering, then your remodel could really get you down, way down on the ground, with a pile of lumber on top of you!

Importance of material selection for your house addition.

Do you get to work and mid morning shudder and say "what in the world was I thinking". People can change their clothes; you are only stuck with a bad hair day for a day. The clothes your house wears are too expensive to change. At Signature Kitchens, Additions & Baths, we put a lot of time into the selection of materials from roofing and fascia, to windows and doors, as well as brick or siding selection on every house addition, kitchen addition or bathroom addition. The exterior or public facade is very important and careful attention must be paid to material selection. The interior or private facade is many times more important. Its textures and colors and components require as much if not more attention to details, then the outside.


At Signature Kitchens, Additions & Baths, we believe there is no way a house addition or any kitchen remodel or bath design will win an award or be truly special unless it is wrapped around who you are, your life style, what is unique about your family, your kids and possibly your friends. Your family's rituals, activities and passions ideally impact the design & remodel of the project. Thanksgiving, Football, the Theater, where are the chips.


Sounds great. However, I am talking about your passion and emotion. Try and share it in one or two places with out regard to economics or resale value. It... whatever it is... does not have to be extravagant. It could be a fire engine red Bertazoni range in an otherwise conservative kitchen. It could be a niche for pictures of you kids Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Whatever that whimsical thing is do not deny it, because it is those special parts & pieces of the remodel that make it truly yours.


At Signature Kitchens, Additions & Baths we are committed to designing & remodeling the very best addition, large or small for you and your family. You should expect nothing less from us or anyone you are considering to help your house addition dreams come true.

Signature Kitchens, Additions & Baths

Every designer has had specialized training in Kitchen Design, through NKBA, SEN or ASID, not only in style and structure, but in function and arrangement as well. Unlike our neighbors we are not a retail store we are a design build remodeling company, a licensed contractor in Maryland, The District of Columbia and Virginia. So whether you live in DC, Bethesda, Potomac, Olney or Silver Spring, or Woodley Park, Adams Morgan or Capitol Hill. Even if you live in Fairfax or Alexandria we at Signature Kitchen Additions & Baths can not only Design a Great Kitchen, Addition, or Bath we can develop permit-able drawings, process the plans to permit, move the walls, floors and ceilings or add an addition, install your new kitchen, along with the lighting, the plumbing, the tile, and the floor. Heck, we can build the house for you if you would like! So give us a call at: 301.251.1880 you will always be glad you did. You can also email the owner Gary Case at:

Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths, 850 E Gude Drive #C Rockville, MD 20850      Licensed in MD, DC & VA

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